Easily Add Character and Charm to Your Living Room

One of the hardest things to do, especially if you don’t have a knack for style, is to turn a dull or stale room into a calming and inviting atmosphere. There are many ways to accomplish this, from adding a warm throw rug or carpet to purchasing new furniture. However, the easiest way to add character and charm to any room is by hanging interesting paintings, pictures or other wall art. Your choices for the living room set the tone for the rest of the house, especially given that it’s the main room your guests will spend time in when visiting with you and your family..

The first consideration in choosing a piece of art is obvious: choose a piece that brings you joy and fosters feelings of relaxation and happiness. Don’t spend money on anything that you don’t personally enjoy, no matter how impressive it may seem. This is one case where it’s OK to put yourself first.

The next concern is the size of the wall art. A general rule of thumb for selecting the first piece is that the largest piece of art, usually hung behind the couch, should not be longer than two-thirds of the couch. Conversely, smaller pieces can be grouped together to fill larger spaces. When grouping different pieces together be sure to choose similarly styled art. Often works of art by the same artist work well together.

Location matters, so does spacing. When placing the pieces on the wall they should be at least 6 inches above the edge of the furniture. Although you don’t have to center the art vertically, don’t forget to consider the height of the ceiling to avoid leaving too much empty space above the artwork.

Style and theme are key when filling out a room. It is easy to create discord in a room if you choose different styles or themes that clash, such as a renaissance print next to a straight-lined modern piece. Keep this in mind when pairing pieces of art together.

Another item to consider is the frame that houses your artwork. Often, a carefully selected print, that otherwise would add wonderful ambiance to a room, falls flat due to placement in a generic or cheap-looking frame. This completely detracts from the intended experience as the poorly selected frame clashes with the art itself. The function of a picture frame isn’t just to house and protect the art, but to enhance the art and make it look even better.

Any customized photo framing is the perfect solution to this problem. One of the most popular options is known as Framed and Matted, as it allows great flexibility to match the style and color of both the print and the room itself. Choose a frame that compliments the artwork and helps set the intended feel of the room. Selecting a nicely designed frame in a warm wood, such as cherry wood, can really add a sense of relaxation and comfort to a room.

There are many things to consider as you turn your living room into a warm and inviting space, but if you follow the above guidelines, you’ll have a much easier path. Hopefully, this information helps you on your design journey. Good luck!

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