How to Show Your Dog You Love Him

If you love your dog, you will probably tell him so every day. But how can you show your dog that you love him in a way that he will understand? While dogs can learn certain commands, they do not understand us when we speak to them, so the best way to show them that you love them is through facial expressions, mimicry, and actions. Below are a few examples. 

Play With Your Dog

Dogs love to play with their owners as it gives them the opportunity to bond with you. Games like tug of war and fetch are fantastic choices for dogs because they mimic the way that dogs play with each other and behave in a pack. Dogs are descended from pack animals, and they still display the need to behave in certain ways. For example, they are inclined to hunt, and you might see this in the way they will rush to retrieve a ball over and over again or get a squeaky toy and rip it. 

Give Him a Belly- or Ear Rub

Dogs love attention from their owners and a simple ear- or belly rub will let him know that you love him. In fact, dogs will usually only show their bellies for a rub with someone they trust. If your dog willingly lies on his back, exposing his belly for you to rub it, it means that he loves you too. 

Take Him for Daily Walks

A walk is likely to be your dog’s most favorite part of the day. They love to explore and sniff about when they are outside, and most will get excited as soon as they see their owner reach for the dog harness and leash. The good folk at Voyager Harness say that daily walks are the perfect way for your dog to get not only the physical exercise but also the mental stimulation that he needs to stay healthy. 

Involve Him in Your Life

Your dog should be like a part of the family, and in the same way that you would take your children with you when you go out for the day, you can also involve your fur baby. These days there are various cafés and restaurants that are dog-friendly, so there is no need to leave him behind when you go out. Your dog will love the opportunity to go for car rides or visits to other family members. The more you involve him in your life, the richer his will be. 

Look into His Eyes

Your dog will show you love by staring into your eyes. If you want to show him that you love him, don’t be afraid to do the same. However, it is important to do this in the right way. Your facial expression is important here as you don’t want your dog to see your stare as a challenge. 

Let Him Sit Next to You

Dogs like to show affection through physical touch. This means that he is likely to want to be next to you. It might mean that he sits very close to you when you are watching TV, or even on top of you. When doing this, he is showing you that he loves you. Allowing him to do this, lets him know you feel the same. 


When it comes to dogs, it is not enough to tell them that you love them. You need to show them. Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do that your dog will understand and interpret as a show of love.

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