Why Are Tree Planting Companies Important?

Why Are Tree Planting Companies Important?

When you step outside your home there is a big chance you will find a tree or a bush. Unless you live in the desert, there is a big chance you will see this. There are a lot of different tree kinds, and we are surrounded by a huge variety of different types. Trees are of course really pretty and wonderful to look at, but their importance stems far beyond prettiness. The purpose and value of trees is enormous, and their existence is vital for our survival. The benefits are not only important for people, but also for other things. In the world forests are disappearing and this has a negative effect on the world. Tree planting companies prevent this and make sure new trees are being planted. But what are the benefits of trees? In this blog we will explain this fully.


Trees help global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, removing and storing carbon while releasing oxygen back into the world. Trees will also reduce wind speeds and cool the air when this is really needed. They reflect heat upwards from their leaves. It is estimated that trees can reduce the temperature in a city up to 7 degrees. Next to that trees can help to prevent soil erosion and flooding. It can absorb up to thousands of liters of stormwater and this can be excellent. Next to the environment, it is also really important for wildlife. From insects and birds, to squirrels and other animals. Trees provide a habitat for many species of wildlife all over the world. They can’t just act as a home for wildlife, they also provide food for them too.

Also, for our own health trees are super important for our bodies. Trees help to improve air quality by intercepting and trapping dust and other annoying things. Even the shade of a tree provides a barrier to harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

What can you do as a company?

What can you do as a company? As a company, it is significant that you support tree planting companies. In this way you can make sure your company lends a helping hand in the climate change problems. Your customers will think this is essential and this can boost your sales. On the internet there are a lot of tree planting companies, which you can donate money to.