Time To Reveal The Truth About Palm Oil Deforestation

Time To Reveal The Truth About Palm Oil Deforestation

People today are more concerned about the impact their actions have on the environment. In the war to sell more, many companies publish fake news to discredit their competitors’ products. Palm oil deforestation is a clear example of this. Due to its great versatility and easy production, palm oil has become the target of many smear campaigns that are not based on real statistics. Today we are going to show you with facts and numbers that palm oil deforestation it is not as it is portrayed and that the farmers, distributors and producers that are part of this ecosystem have joined forces to ensure that the palm oil they use is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is important to be well informed so as not to fall into false advertising campaigns that only seek to damage a brand for economic purposes.

There is no better alternative

One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that palm oil can be substituted. The reality is that there is no other oil that offers as many benefits. One of the great successes that the industry has had is to reduce palm oil deforestation. In fact, it only represents 5% of all deforestation worldwide, compared to other types of crops. Why is this? Due to high demand, easy production and the alliance with large producers, many farmers are migrating from other crops such as cork. This has helped palm oil deforestation to keep declining over the last 5 years. Just to put it in perspective, to produce other types of oil would require 4 to 10 times more land. If we wanted to produce more of other types of edible oils, we would have to destroy more hectares and the environmental impact would be very large. Palm oil has no competition.

An alliance that fights palm oil deforestation

There is no better marketing for companies than to have their products stamped with a seal certifying that they are produced from sustainable raw materials. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was created to prevent palm oil deforestation and give companies and consumers the assurance that they are protecting the ecosystem. It is an alliance between farmers, distributors and producers committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. When you see that a product is RSPO certified, you can be sure that this product is helping to combat palm oil deforestation. The RSPO knows that it is not economically viable to replace palm oil, which is why they focus their efforts on providing advice to farmers so that they can produce more without needing more land.